Yes. It's nice.
You're beautiful when you smile.

My boss and her husband values me so much even though I’m just a busboy, I am quite flattered. If only I was able to put this job on my resume and put them as my reference so they can brag all about me to my future employer… 


Residents of Pisa are getting tired of the tourists. [video]

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That is 11 shows too much Jesus lord. Please. I do need another drama after marriage not dating though.

Ahem. Well if you think about it, it’s only two or three episodes a day. It’s not like a watch all 11 at once lol And if you’re in need of a new drama, my list seems like the perfect place to start looking~~

"I probably missed one or two…" But all the names. Too many things to remember. Information as well as cuteness (maybe) overload. I’d feel the need to go out and do something cuz of all the fun things they do in dramas…


My adorable and handsome ‘ghost’😱😍 #imjuhwan #임주환 #imjoohwan #limjuhwan #korean_actor
Anonymous: today i realised that i like my crush more than i normally do


hmmmmmm idk whether I should say “yay!” or “uh oh” :-I

(hope it’s the first one…..!)

tell me about your crush/day/week/life/self/anything on anon

tell me about your crush/day/week/life/self/anything on anon

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BMX curved wallride to flair. [video]


i’m genuinely concerned that no one will fall in love with me

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Some things I just wanna keep to myself.